July 22, 2024
Cyber Security

Who is not afraid of the Dark Web? The Internet being the most important part of our lives right now, the darker side of the internet is undoubtedly the most fearful; horror in our lives. You must have heard about hackers and ransomware.

These are all part of the deadly dark web that we never want to encounter. It is indeed a threatful horror but we cannot stay uneducated about it. To be safeguarded from the dark web, it is important to know about it.

The cybercrime ecosystem is based on the positive use of the various dark web technologies. Though the dark web intelligence service can help you protect your files against these, it is important to be aware of the trends.  Let us have a look at some of the Dark web intelligence Trends:

Rise of Double Extortion Ransomware

To pressurize their targets even more and achieve guaranteed results, the various ransomware gangs have adopted new techniques. This sophisticated ransomware has now adhered to what is commonly called a “Double Extortion Model”. They are not only encrypting the data but also threatening the user to release the data online. This can be a severe security threat for any company or individual.

They are also into various other cyber crimes such as Distributed denial of Service attacks, victim shaming by means of social media ads, and cold calling the victims who in some way are denying to pay. Through their extortion techniques, they are not only targeting companies but also various corporate representatives. A reputed dark web intelligence service can help you attain complete cyber security and stay out of the reach of dark web crimes.

Forum Brokers of Access and Data

The whole cybercrime world has become professionalized. The meaning of this is that the way these criminals use the dark web is beyond any investigation or reach. People have become professionalized in using the dark web. Even they have an established set of rules that they follow for pursuing their cybercrimes. But this does not apply to all the dark web users. Some hackers and gangs do not follow the rules and leak sensitive data into the internet. They often take the help of various malware to achieve their target. The most commonly used applications and systems are great vectors for their targeting. There has been an incandescent rise in such activities over the past few years.

Resilience Of Multiple Illicit Marketplaces

The pandemic and various other economical setbacks in the business industry have led to the development of various forms of illicit marketplaces. In today’s digital world, the platform that these illegal marketplaces use to propagate and proliferate is the internet, more precisely the dark web. There are various money laundering and fraud websites that steal their consumer’s money and have shut down. They have also used their consumer’s personal information to blackmail them and get money through the dark web.

Various substance trafficking (cocaine and opium) rackets operate through dark web platforms. It is extremely important to identify and mitigate such risks. The seizure of these illegal work models adapted by various companies is essential and it is only through dark web intelligent services, that such crimes can be spotted and stopped. Many fake companies who deal in digital products rather than physical goods use the dark web to continue their scams and cheat people. For example, various fraudsters used the “economic relief”  scam campaign during the pandemic to loot people’s money. Later the dark web intelligent services helped put a stop to it.

Dark Web Intelligence and Its Usage for Security Teams

Dark web Intelligence Service can help to revitalize various sensitive information that is essential for the security of businesses and enterprises. They can he;p prevent cyber-attacks and safeguard your data. The dark web intelligence service market is booming rapidly because they help to thwart risks of data and website defacement and help companies to adopt multiple preventive measures to fight any sustainable cyber attack.

In today’s world, almost every company that uses some or the other form of the internet for conducting and managing tasks has to be careful about their cyber security. They usually have dedicated cyber security cells and teams to look after the matter. To much surprise, the dark web can be also useful to such teams. Let us have a look at how this can be possible:

  • The security teams use the dark web to find out about various threat data that might breach the safety of the company

  • Security teams can leverage dark web intelligence to safeguard the sensitive and confidential data of the company to understand the criminal activities that might risk the company profile. 

The dark web is not all dark. It can help out if used properly. Hover, a proper understanding is key to its appropriate usage.

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