July 22, 2024
Silk Bedding

Hair can be a concern for many during the winter, and it gets prone to breakage as it becomes dry and brittle. Therefore, you should take proper care of your hair. People use oils, shampoos, conditioners, and serums to have silky strands. However, this is not enough, and you should take care of your hair at night when the hair is in the process of healing.

Proteins derived from silk are great for damaged hair and provide significant benefits. Silk is known for being smooth, soft, and lustrous, and with regular usage of silk pillowcases for weak and damaged hair, you can see considerable improvements in your strands. Silk proteins have properties of the bond building that can restore damaged and bleached hair, make brittle hair strong, and so on.

What Can Cause Damage to Your Hair? 

Winters are dry and can cause your hair to be brittle, leading to split ends and breakage. Hair becomes dull and loses its shine and moisture.

Moreover, chemicals in bleach open up the cuticle while exposing the cell membrane complex and cortex. Bleaching your hair can result in significant damage, and moisture is removed during this procedure, making the hair brittle.

Everyone has distinct hair. However, individuals who have had their hair coloured or given comparable treatments are more likely to experience hair breakage and need proteins. Additionally, people with genetic disorders, hormone imbalances, and unbalanced diets require more proteins. To achieve healthy hair, moisture and protein balance must be maintained.

How Can Silk Benefit? 

Silk Benefit

Hair contains the protein keratin, which provides stability, strength, and defense. The proteins strengthen the structure and strength of dry and damaged hair strands in silk. Silk has a plush, slippery texture that makes hair glide over the material, minimizing pulling and tugging on your hair while you move about while you sleep.

Silk Enhances Softness and Hair Texture

The low molecular weight of the proteins found in silk pillowcases suggests they can permeate the hair strands better, smoothing the texture and laying the cuticle down smoothly and manageably. Silk is less likely to break.

Enhance Thickness and Elasticity

Bleaching causes the cuticle to split open, which also causes thinning. Pillowcases made of silk might help you recover the thickness. Silk proteins can repair damaged hair with cysteine, one of the four amino acids necessary to form keratin. Additionally, silk increases elasticity and shields hair from damage.

Hydrated and Shinier Hair

Hair can be harmed by too much sun exposure and lose its shine. Silk proteins create cuticles to seal in nutrients. Sericin, a protein found in silk, moisturizes hair. As a result, silk enhances the lustre and stops hair from losing moisture. Silk keeps hair from frizzing and prevents broken ends.

To keep your hair in place and from flying all over your face, you can also use silk scrunchies to tie it up.

Best Quality Silk Pillowcases

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