July 22, 2024
compulsory insurance

Should all businesses be insured?

Not all companies are required to be insured (although this is strongly recommended, see below). But it all depends on the situation of the company or profession concerned .

Indeed, the obligation to hold a professional insurance can be imposed:by the texts which govern the activity.
It is therefore essential to find out about the insurance obligations related to your activity or profession.

Which companies or professions are concerned by the insurance obligation?

The companies or professions concerned by the insurance obligation are the regulated professions defined in the insurance code
or in the texts governing these professions .

Here are some examples of professions concerned (note that this list is not exhaustive):

Health professionals (medical liability insurance ). According to the Insurance Code, health professionals carrying out prevention, diagnosis or care activities as well as producers, operators and suppliers of health products are required to take out insurance intended to guarantee them against their civil or administrative liability that may to be incurred for personal injury.

Legal professionals . Lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, legal representatives, auctioneers, etc…are among the regulated professions. As such, they are required to take out insurance.

Building professionals (construction work insurance, ten-year insurance). At the start of any construction site, the insured must prove that he has taken out an insurance contract covering him for this liability.
Professions involving motorized land vehicles. Any natural person or any company whose liability is likely to be engaged because of the use of a vehicle must be insured.

But many other professions, such as those related to tourism , architects , and real estate agents must be covered by this insurance.

Even in the absence of obligation, it is advisable to insure yourself!

Even if the insurance obligation does not apply to your sector of activity or your profession, think carefully about the possible consequences of an undesirable event which would occur without you being insured . For example, you can cause an accident or cause material damage to a customer, you can cause damage that damages your premises and professional equipment, etc.

As bpifrance advises : ” You must assess the risks that your company will be able to bear (breakage of windows, furniture, signs, etc.) taking into account its financial capacity, and which ones are preferable, even essential, to transfer to the insurer (fire, explosion, etc.) ”.

What are the main guarantees of professional insurance?
Professional insurance offers a certain number of guarantees, in particular in 3 main categories:

How to make sure?

As with insurance for an individual, it is advisable to compare offers and compete . Above all, it is essential to have the coverage offered to you explained in detail. Do not hesitate to ask questions if in doubt.

An insurance company without an intermediary (company or mutual), ie a company that directly provides insurance services. Note that some of them are specialized in a type of insurance or in an activity.
An intermediary : this can be a general insurance agent (who represents one or more insurance companies), a broker (who will do the research for you and advise you), or an insurance agent.
To find out more about insurance intermediaries, visit the French insurance federation website .

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