June 14, 2024
New York chin augmentation

A receding chin can affect your profile negatively. Lack of fullness in the chin area occurs due to skin looseness as you age. Certain childhood behaviors like sucking your thumb can also affect jaw development leading to chin imbalance. A shrinking chin will reduce your attractiveness, making you self-conscious, especially in front of loved ones. Fortunately, the New York chin augmentation can help you reshape your chin, thus boosting your confidence. You could have heard and read many things about this procedure. However, not every piece of information that you encounter is always factual. Therefore it is good to demystify the following misconceptions as you anticipate a chin augmentation appointment.

The Procedure Is Just for Men

Many cultures associate strong chins with masculinity and prominence. As such, men with fuller chins are perceived to be determined leaders. Consequently, there has been a high turnout of men seeking chin augmentation to boost their masculine features. However, this instance does not imply that chin enhancement is only limited to men. Women can also seek chin implants to achieve desirable facial harmony and improve confidence.

Chin Augmentation Is Risky

Many people are concerned about the safety of this surgical procedure. The notion that chin augmentation is dangerous has even hindered some people from seeking this procedure. While surgical procedures have potential risks, chin augmentation usually involves few complications. Your surgeon will observe the appropriate safety measures to ensure you get dramatic results without having to experience more severe risks. For example, they will disinfect the incision to ensure a smooth recovery.

Recovery Is Long and Distressing

You may think chin augmentation will have a long downtime since it involves incisions. However, unlike many cosmetic surgical procedures, it has the shortest recovery. Your surgeon will bandage the wounded site for a few days. They will also guide you in making better food choices to boost healing. Further,  recovery does not minimize your capacity to conduct everyday activities. Inflammations on operated sites usually diminish after a few days.

The Results Look Unnatural

One of the major concerns for individuals seeking chin augmentation is that the results will look too obvious to hide. However, while people around you will notice an improvement in your facial anatomy, they cannot tell why. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will control the extent of projection in the chin area. Seeking chin augmentation from a skilled surgeon will be a plus in realizing natural-looking results.

The Procedure Is Expensive

High cost is another concern that many people have when opting for chin augmentation. This concern has sparked the notion that only celebrities can afford this procedure. While most insurance institutions do not cover chin augmentation, your surgeon will offer a financing plan. Before the appointment, discuss your budget’s financing scheme with the plastic surgeon. It would help if you also inquired about factors that can influence the cost of this procedure.

Chin augmentation is the smartest option for individuals with receding chins. This surgical procedure helps improve the bone contour, thus reshaping the chin area. The popularity of chin augmentation has sparked many controversies that could mislead you. However, the above-debunked myths will enlighten you on this procedure before the appointment. For example, you will learn that even women can seek chin augmentation to enhance their facial structure. You will also understand that seeking this procedure from a reputable plastic surgeon will help you look more natural.

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