June 14, 2024
basketball shot returner


Shooting is one of the most rudimentary skills that can make or break a basketball player’s performance on the court. Often it is the ability to take accurate shots that determines which team will get to leave the court as the winners.

Incorporating shooting drills in your training routine, especially with a basketball shooting trainer, is one of the time-tested ways to increase your skill set. This equipment is a proven game-changer in helping athletes take their game to the next level. Ithelps simulate multiple shooting situations similar to a real game so you can prepare best for a live match.

In this article, we discuss a few of the essential drills that you can practice with a shooting trainer for basketball.

1) Form Shooting Drills

One of the most basic drills to practice with a basketball shot returner is stationary form shooting. This is less about getting the ball in the hoop and more to do with perfecting your hand placement, body alignment, foot positioning, and follow-through. Keep shooting the ball with soft touches and continue working on your technique.Gradually increase the distance from the basket as you get better.When you get the form nailed, try out one-handed (left andright-handed) as well as two-handed shooting drills, incorporating a constant movement in sync with the rebounder.

2) Catch-and-Shoot Drills

Stand at different spots on the court to practice catching a ball from the basketball return system and shooting it back. Keep your focus on getting a good grip on the ball, forming the correct shooting position, and releasing it with accuracy. The main goal here is to develop speed and agility while maintaining range and rhythm simultaneously. However, you can use spot-up shooting and dribble pull-up shooting to further help practice under live game conditions.

3) Quick Release Shooting

If you’re looking to make intensive improvements in hand-eye coordination and quick thinking on your feet during high-pressure game situations, training quick releases is a must. Stand in the corner or the wing, create an imaginary limited time and space, and practice shooting with a quick release of the ball. Repeat as many times as you want using a basketball hoop return equipment – the more the merrier when it comes to this drill.

4) Off-Balance Shooting

In a real game, you will find yourself in all types of scenarios. At times, you may not even get the chance to stand in a proper stance to shoot. Yet, you cannot let these opportunities pass in a high-stakes match. Better to prepare. Use your basketball shooting trainer to feed you balls as you simulate off-balance positions on the court. Lean to the left or right, fade away from the basket, jump on one foot, or even try taking a backward shot – the quirkier the better. This drill trains you to be flexible with your footwork and versatile in your shooting abilities.

5) Closeout Shooting

Even the creme-de-la-creme shooters freeze on the court when faced with an aggressive defense. To battle this, one must train under similar closeout situations and prepare for such scenarios. Begin at a spot on the court and have a teammate or coach pretend to be a rival defender sprinting toward you. Quickly catch the ball from the trainer and shoot before the defender reaches you. This drill not only helps in maintaining shot accuracy in high-pressure situations but also strengthens decision-making skills.

Summing Up

As we wrap up the article, here are some general tips for training with a basketball shooting machine:

  • If you’re new to it, start with a slow pace and gradually increase speed.
  • Pick your focus. Sometimes it is perfection and accuracy, other times it is speed, or even longevity. Adjust the settings accordingly.
  • The trainer is built to assist you in creating game-like situations. Feel free to change the settings to make it more challenging.

A shot trainer basketball helps you develop form, increase muscle memory, and enhance the accuracy of shooting. Hope this article helped you improve your game and become a better shooter.

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