May 28, 2024
Is Termite-Free Furniture A Possibility?

The simple answer would be, yes,it is possible but not without some caution and prevention methods.

Furniture is the very core of any house, and anybody who wants a house to live in, knows this. For example, you need a bed to sleep on or an al mirah to keep your things in a tidy and organized manner, and so much more. So the very thought of losing your beloved furniture to some creatures and never getting back is a little bit upsetting. There are many ways a termite can affect a piece of furniture. Some of them are listed below.

Cause of Termites in any furniture 

Termites are these small insects that feed on cellulose, although they can feed on anything that has cellulose, the most commonly known source is wood. Here, I have listed a few reasons your furniture can catch termites if you are not careful.

 1. Moisture: Termites love moisture, any dark, humid places give them enough environment to grow and flourish. To prevent your furniture from having a sad end by termites, keep them in places with sunlight and ventilation.

 2. Soil: Soil is our friend a sit gives us food and is necessary for keeping our life healthy. But for our furniture, the soil is not exactly friendly, as soil helps in termite growth in furniture. A person can use various methods like using wooden flooring or using tiles and making contact between soil and furniture to a minimum or no contact.

 3. Roof: If living in a house surrounded by low-hanging roofs and tree branches coming to your window was your dream, then you should probably check your furniture for a termite break. These tree branches make a bridge from the tree to your house for termites.

 Advantages of Termite free plywood

 Longevity: Your beloved furniture that you spend so much time thinking about while buying can be maintained in the same condition without much effort from your side and look almost new for a long time.

 No extra investment: Furniture is a one-time cost for any house, but if there is more outbreak of termites, you might need to invest more. The best way is to invest better while buying furniture, like buying the termite-free best quality ply woods.

 Moisture: Whenever considering buying plywood, always try to go for water-resistant so it can never catch moisture and never become home to termites. 

Well, the good news is Century Ply provides some best quality plywood and is easily available in the market. Century Ply also has a long-lasting history of confidence, honesty, best design in the furniture market, and providing many furniture options with termite-resistant ply woods or waterproof ply woods. At Century Ply, plywood is treated with a special adhesive and Glue Line Protection Technology to maintain the condition and look of your furniture as new for a long time. Viro kill technology embedded plywood from the house of Century Ply offers 99.99% germ protection for furniture.

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Virus free plywood is the need of the plywood market today. One should always be conscious when buying plywood for furniture as these furniture will stay with you for a long time. Make wise decisions, and visit all the options available before buying. Although it is most important to have termite-free furniture, it can be equally beneficial to keep your entire residence termite-free by using various methods available in the market, like having flagging concrete around the building. The use of authorized chemicals is also a recommendation.

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