July 22, 2024
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If you are a business website owner, you must ensure your site is accessible to every visitor, even those with physical disabilities. Gone are the days when fixing accessibility issues were expensive and time-consuming. As a business owner, you no longer have to hire web developers to go through every line of your site content to arrest problems in accessibility. Thanks to the advent of artificial-driven tools, you can now rely on credible accessibility overlays to do your task.

Meet AccessiBe – a market leader in web accessibility solutions 

AccessiBe is a market leader in enjoying web accessibility technologies and solutions. It is famous for being equipped with advanced AI technology that alleviates stress and tensions, especially regarding compliance and accessibility issues on your site. As per the laws of the land, you are subject to hefty penalties if your site is not accessible to everyone. Moreover, you can create a community that includes everyone, thus enhancing the goodwill of your business.

This innovative and popular accessibility tool helps businesses test and arrest their accessibility problems. At the same time, this tool conducts regular scans to ensure your site complies with ADA and WCAG standards. You will get an extensive suite of solutions for your web accessibility needs, so if you are a large corporation or a solopreneur, you can alleviate tensions knowing that your site is fully compliant and accessible to everyone, including people with physical disabilities.

The founding team looks into everyone’s needs 

The developers responsible for creating this web accessibility overlay tool have profound domain expertise in accessibility services and web development. They have worked very hard to develop technologies that sync with the needs of users with visual impairments, motor disabilities, blindness, cognitive dysfunction, and other physical disabilities.

The installation process is simple 

Business owners do not struggle with the installation process, as it is simple and quick. One needs to follow the instructions for installing the overlay on their site. The widget appears to help and guide users on the different accessibility profiles that are available for their needs. They can choose according to their preferences and browse the site without hassles.

The widget helps every business owner fully comply with the laws of the land. Moreover, the tool runs in the background and does not interfere with the user’s browsing experience.

AccessiBe is beneficial for small business owners who do not have the financial means to hire web developers to check the accessibility issues on their site. The tool is affordable, and they can opt for different subscription packages per their business’s size and budget. When it comes to the maintenance and the updates of the tool, it is done by its developer team, so business owners do not have to worry about it once downloaded and installed on their site. It runs quietly in the background to ensure your site is compliant and free from web accessibility problems! Are you ready to proceed?

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