April 18, 2024
Natural, Fresh, and

Founded in 1929, the DS Group is involved and caters to numerous sectors by and large. It includes food, beverage, agroforestry, hospitality, mouth fresheners, tobacco, and packaging as well.

Under its exceptionally broad umbrella, the FMCG conglomeration manufactures Pass Pass mouth freshener, Catch spices, Rajnigandha Pan Masala, and Ksheer dairy products as well.

DS Group beverages manufacture a wide range of natural and fresh beverages. This article will dive deeper into the beverage brand range by DS Group.

DS Group Entering the Beverages Sector with a Bang!

DS Group entered the beverage sector with the launch of Catch Natural Spring water in 1999, fizz beverages in 2002 and Catch clear flavoured drinks in 2003.

The most exciting part about this beverage launch is that it was introduced under the ‘Catch’ brand. Furthermore, the Group planned to enter the ‘untapped’ markets relentlessly, including flavoured water, club soda, and iced tea.

Nevertheless, certain analysts felt that DS Foods might need more potential to leverage the brand equity of Catch in newer categories. But the company always had confidence in themselves and thought otherwise.

About DS Group’s Beverage Brand

The DS Group products have had an immensely strong presence in India for over three decades. And today, the entire range of Catch beverages has become a household name for every Indian. Not forgetting to mention, the range of beverages are synonymous with quality and innovation.

Catch brings forth the entire spectrum of professional mixers and ready-to-drink beverages in India, from soda to water, juice beverages to flavoured water, and ginger ale to tonic water.

Catch – the beverage brand of DS Group, formulates all of its products with great care and passion. The bottled water of Catch has been certified. It complies with the Food & Drug Administration (US) Code of Federal Regulations set by NSF International-USA since 2000.

Initially, the brand introduced an environment-friendly sparkling and still water glass bottle. This beverage efficiently retains the crisp quality of water from the Himalayas. Therefore, Catch’s commitment towards the environment is thus cemented!

Exploring the Natural, Fresh, and Juicy Beverages of DS Group

Right from F&B to Confectionery to Mouth Fresheners and various other businesses, DS Group earned the designation of being a leader across several verticals in which they operate.

Here, we have made a comprehensive listing of the range of beverage brands offered by the DS Group:

●      Catch Water

The journey of Catch Water begins in the glacial mountains. It emerges from the finest and most pristine natural source, where water embraces beneficial minerals with slow filtration through underground rock layers over the years.

This freshwater is extracted and then bottled at the state-of-the-art facility of the DS Group beverage brand while retaining its natural composition. The natural mineral water of Catch is available across India in numerous sizes and different packaging.

●      Catch Carbonated Beverages

DS Group’s beverage brand Catch sells clear, spring, and mixers as carbonated beverages.

●  Clear

This clear carbonated beverage uniquely combines natural fruit flavours and sparkling spring water. These drinks are not just low in calories but also high in taste. Catch Clear is available in Peach, Lemon ‘n’ Lime, Green Apple, and Black Currant.

●   Mixers

Catch brings forth a fine range of mixers that will take your bar up by a notch. From Classic Indian Tonic and Club Soda to Ginger Ale, you will find it all. These drinks can be accompanied by your favourite spirits or for direct consumption.

●  Spring

This is a range of carbonated beverages that are exquisitely made from spring water. It works as a healthier alternative to the standard lemon, orange, and cola drinks. The reason why spring beverages have become a favourite of all Indians is because of the typical Indian flavours like Jira Digestive and Shikanji Masala.

●  Catch Juice Beverage

This range of tantalising juicy variants is available in 10 exciting fruity variants. They include Apple, Mango, Guava, Strawberry, Lychee, Orange, Sweet Lime, Fresh Lime, Multi Fruit, and Pink Lemonade.

The brand has elevated the beverage segment by introducing an enormous range of Sparkling juice beverages. With every sip of the sparkling apple, strawberry, and orange flavours, you will experience the extra fizz.

●  Liquid Life

The Liquid Life of Natural Mineral Water has been filtered over the years through the layers of Himalayan rock. This natural water from the mountains imbibes a wide variety of natural minerals that are truly beneficial for health.

After sourcing, this water is bottled at the futuristic facility of the Himalayan Springs located at Jakhroda village, Tehsil-Kasauli, Solan, Himachal Pradesh. You will find Liquid Life Natural Mineral Water in different sizes like 200ml, 500ml, 1L & 15L Single-use PET Jar.

To Conclude

The range of fresh and natural beverages the DS Group offers is the next big thing in the market. With zero preservatives, no added sugar, and an original taste, the Catch beverages will leave you wanting more!


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