May 28, 2024
choose to go on a trip

Are you going on vacation with your baby soon and are you planning to bring a stroller for walks? This is not easy as this accessory can be cumbersome. But, fortunately, stroller manufacturers have thought of everything and thought about the subject. Indeed, there are types of strollers that are foldable, compact and transportable.

Traveling with a baby: which stroller to choose?

Organizing a trip with your baby should be prepared weeks before the departure date. If you ever forgot to think about the stroller at the last moment, know that there are practical solutions to have a buggy for your child during your walks cheapest places to visit in Spain. And the choice of compact and lightweight strollers is quite wide.

The best is to choose a reclining cane stroller with a weight of about 6 kg. Several models offer an adjustable backrest to properly position your baby as soon as he falls asleep, an ergonomic support bar and safety devices (eg harness).

If on a daily basis, you favor comfort, during your trip, you must above all think about the options that allow you to reduce your luggage as much as possible. Foldable strollers offer a good compromise between comfort and practicality for air travel . Most reclining cane strollers fit easily in the baggage hold.

What criteria should be considered when choosing a travel stroller?

parents-strollers Selecting a travel stroller model from the many offers available is done by considering certain important points.

As the first criterion of choice, there is the weight which should not be neglected . A travel stroller can be quite bulky despite being foldable. But to overcome this problem, it must be light enough not to represent a real concern during your trip .

It is after taking the lightest model that you then think about the compactness of the stroller. Some reclining strollers have a grab bar with a folding button . A simple pressure is enough to compact the stroller and make it transportable in the hold.

Finally, you also need to think about yourself. You will be in control of the stroller. So, choose a model that is manageable .

What more do you need than the travel stroller?

It would be more prudent to accessorize the travel stroller to anticipate the hazards that could occur during your stay, such as rain, insects, sun, etc.

If you are going to a tropical region, do not hesitate to add a mosquito net to your stroller to prevent baby from being bitten by a nasty mosquito. Also lend to its comfort, in particular by buying a stroller board or a comfort kit .

In case of rain, don’t forget to bring a cover that protects your child and the stroller from the rain. You can choose a standard model or a model specific to the travel stroller. The most important thing is to ensure that baby is protected from raindrops. In addition, this type of accessory also protects against dust or falling leaves.

Also consider buying a stroller umbrella that provides shade for baby in case of strong sunlight.

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