July 23, 2024
Bruce Weber Photographer

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Making fashion films or fashion movies can be a great adventure for any filmmaker. These movies are highly stylized, volatile, and often experimental. As opposed to typical advertisements that are direct in their messaging and appeal to the multitudes to a large extent, most fashion movies additionally point to a smoother sale process, and tend to address a pretty specific target audience. No matter whether it is through personal profiles of documentary style or position of goods in narrative form, a lot of brands are today making fashion movies to build deeper relationships with their target audience. Bruce Weber Photographer is making a short movie on 70 Years in Denim for Roy Roger’s, which can be considered to be a fashion movie to a certain extent.  While Bruce is primarily renowned for his fashion photography, he has made many documentaries and movies over the years.

Bruce Weber Photographer offers general insight into fashion films

The impact of the internet has been felt across diverse sectors of society, including the fashion industry.  Even though a good number of brands still do promote themselves in print and television, they also dedicate a part of their budget to creating interesting video content that helps them to gain traction in the online domain. Short narrative videos or fashion films are produced by several, renowned fashion brands across the planet. While many of them are just meant to showcase the latest collections of the brand, many fashion labels are also using this medium to take their story-telling to a whole new level. Unlike advertisements that are pretty forthright in their messaging, fashion movies have a subtler and creative tone.

A cleverly planned fashion movie that is centered on story-telling would be effective in striking a chord with the consumer group of the brand, and help them to emotionally connect with the label. Most fashion campaigns are incomplete without a creative visual marketing advertisement; however, an increasing number of labels today are opting to tap into the cinematic medium and find a more artistic way to share their story. Rather than simply working with an advertising agency, major fashion brands are now joining forces with popular filmmakers to create short films that manage to weave a story around a certain collection, instead of just presenting it to the consumer in a direct manner. But more importantly, fashion movies are made to deliver a message to the audience that highlights the core value of a brand.

The collaboration of Roy Roger’s with Bruce Weber on making a short movie about 70 Years in Denim is a great example of using the cinematic medium to showcase the core of a fashion brand. This movie will trace the evolution of the brand through the replica of its signature pieces from different decades. Bruce Weber Photographer additionally has established himself as quite a capable filmmaker over the years. His filmmaking works include Let’s Get Lost (1988), a novel-like documentary on the troubled jazz trumpeter Chet Baker.

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